Social Justice Practices. Effective Business Results.


Organizational Development and Management.

          ACC-LLC assists clients in analyzing organizational structures and systems to pinpoint and develop strategies for solving problems that undermine an organization’s growth and effectiveness and stand in the way of it achieving its mission and goals. Specializing in small and mid-sized organizations, ACC-LLC consultants are experienced in assisting with the development of realistic strategic plans, organizational assessment studies, feasibility studies, project evaluation reviews, and management and administrative blueprints (including organizational audits) that are consistent with current organizational resources and plans for future growth. ACC-LLC representatives have also worked extensively with non-profit boards to assist them in their growth, development, and maintenance, with an emphasis on board recruitment, purpose, planning, structure, and evaluations. ACC-LLC consultants also offer executive coaching, working with executive directors, CFOs, Board Chairs, and others who desire to expand their capacity to better meet their professional and personal objectives, particularly respective to supporting inclusive policies, practices, and organizational cultures in the workplace.

Racial Equity / ARAO Education.

          ACC-LLC consultants have provided Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression (ARAO) education trainings to corporate, philanthropic, community-based, and nonprofit groups committed to addressing issues of oppression in the workplace and in greater society, offering customized workshops, seminars, facilitations, trainings, and clinics on how historical “ism” issues continue to manifest in society and in our workplaces. ACC-LLC sessions —whether facilitations, clinics, presentations, or others—also focus on assisting businesses, communities, and individuals in outlining specific actions and strategies to promote institutional, structural, and organizational culture changes in their workplaces, policy arenas, communities, and greater society.

" Community of Practice."

       ACC-LLC’s Principal Consultant, A. Adar Ayira, has shepherded, coordinated, and curated three “Community of Practice” groups in the Baltimore Region: one for corporate, philanthropic, higher education, and faith-based leaders, decision-makers, and influencers; one for grassroots leaders and influencers; and the third for industry-specific leaders, decision-makers, and influencers. These “communities of practice” provide safe spaces for leaders to better understand manifestations of structural racism and other historical and current “ism” issues; to equip leaders to bring a “racial equity lens/equity lens” to policies, practices, values, and organizational culture in their workplaces and other places of influence; and to provide time, confidential space, and structure for leaders to develop community with those in similar positions and with whom they can grow.  

Workshops. Seminars, Trainings, and Facilitations.

       ACC-LLC consultants work with every client in developing customized trainings, workshops, clinics, and presentations that emphasize institutional and structural change and capacity building; that help surface, address, and plan for resolution of conflict within organizations; and that use an organization’s current resources to effectively plan for its future success.


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